Do your own research and find the best stocks for you.

Bullboard is your personal source for new trade ideas on the go. We believe that finding the right stocks is one of the crucial steps to performing well in the market. It usually takes a lot to do your own research, which is why all these professional advisers, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc. tend to charge a fortune for their services.

With Bullboard, we tried to bring fun to the stock screening process. Just set up your filters and then “swipe left, swipe right” to add a stock to your watchlist or skip it.

Moreover, you can save the results of your filtering and come back to the screening process later, which is helpful if you are about to take a flight. All the data will be synchronized when the connection is reestablished.

If you find the stock filtering process intimidating or boring, Bullboard includes pre-filtered stock lists that you can scan for investment and trading ideas.

Do your own research  Swipe down to add a stock to your watchlist with “Buy” Sentiment  Swipe right to add a stock to your watchlist with Sentiment "Hold"

Test yourself and design your own strategy.

Trading stocks brings both profits and losses. Basically losses are a natural part of trading, you cannot completely avoid them. However you can define typical mistakes that lead to a significant portion of your losses.

One such mistake is lack of planning. The best performing traders know their plans for each trade long before entering the position. Each time you are going to trade you should ask yourself a few simple questions: Why do I think this trade will be successful? When should I open and close the position? How much risk can I accept on this trade? What is my profit goal? How will I manage the trade once it is executed?

Sentiment by Bullboard is a tool that lets you do this kind of planning. It trains you to plan your trade long before opening the position, and brings discipline to your decision making process. Each time you add a stock to a watchlist, Bullboard asks you what sentiment you have for this stock. It can be either buy, sell, or hold. You also have the opportunity to put a comment with your sentiment describing your reasons. We strongly recommend that you use this feature. By looking back at your reasons when you have made investing mistakes, you can begin to understand what factors lead you to misread the market, and avoid them in the future.

Sentiment allows you to find patterns in your own decision making, so that you can identify the most common reasons for selecting successful stocks. As a result, you will develop a greater level of confidence, which is a very important mental and emotional factor in trading.

Of course, even disciplined professional traders with proven track records sometimes make spontaneous trades. One cannot always be perfect, you simply do what you think is best at the moment. In these situations, Sentiment acts as a final check, helping to avoid mistakes caused by impulse trading.

On more important thing about Sentiment is Sentiment ratio, which is basically your personal stock market analyst index. It is calculated by dividing successful sentiments by the total number of sentiments you record, aimed at giving you a brief look at your market performance and comparing it with others if you want.

Enjoy a quick and convenient investing process. Monitor your stocks and trades in real time. Keep everything under control.

It’s never been easier to manage your portfolio. Bullboard lets you have as many portfolios and watchlists as you want. The number of alerts you can set up is also unlimited. All delivered to you absolutely free.

We tried to design the best mobile tool for stock research and analysis, as simple as possible, with intuitive portfolio management. You can access all portfolio performance indicators in one tap, easily create new portfolios or delete old ones, add stocks to a watchlist, open and close positions with one swipe, and set up unlimited push notifications based on various alerts (price goal or price change).

As a comprehensive tool for stock analysis, it also includes an advanced chart option.

Monitor in real time Tap on stock in your portfolio Access all portfolio performance indicators in one tap

Analyze your trades, evaluate your effectiveness, improve your performance.

If Sentiment is your planning tool, then Bullboard’s Diary is your personal performance journal. It summarizes all your activity, showing each individual trade and the accumulated effects of all your trades to date. You can also group your trades in different ways, to uncover trends that lead to success, the best stocks for your trading style, and entry levels that fit your strategy.

Analyze your trade history over a substantial time period to make more precise stop loss levels and avoid “rambling” stocks. Discover your personal key to profitable trading. Evaluate how well your trading system performs in changing market conditions and over the long term.

Together with Bullboard’s Sentiment tool, Diary is designed to eliminate all imperfections in your trading strategy, develop discipline within your decision making process, and show you how to improve your trading performance.

Investigate your personal key to profitable trading Analyze your trade history