Bullboard is the only trading app that does improve your performance in the stock market. It was created by traders, for traders. We are not a fancy Silicon Valley start-up. We just failed to find a comprehensive and convenient mobile app that would meet our needs and expectations. So we decided to design and develop one ourselves.

We want your trading experience to be focused, so we pared away all distractions. Only you and your ideas, stocks and watch lists.

Being real traders, we believe that key factors of success in the stock market are planning, self-discipline and constant performance improvement.

Thus, Bullboard is all about you – using our app you will not only clarify your strategy and assess your own performance, but also increase your confidence, which is by far one of the most important factors in trading.

Hi guys,

Just a few words about the beginning of Bullboard. I have been developing e-business projects in Eastern Europe for more than 10 years before I made several cash-outs and moved to the UK. Soon I realized the threat of burning through my hard-earned money, as the interest rates on my savings account were not covering the inflation. I decided to allocate my savings to several mutual funds.

That was a huge mistake. The 2008 financial crisis and the followed stock market volatility were just two of my problems. I have probably made all possible investor mistakes. I followed market “guru” advice about the great potential of a new company, just to experience a “pump and dump” investment. I invested in Forex PAMM-accounts, only to find out how fast my deposit could be burned away by a guy who seemed so confident that he couldn’t lose. I invested in “structured products” to cover bank commissions. And on and on.

Finally, I came to a conclusion that neither brokers or financial advisers, nor mutual funds or hedge funds are interested in your wealth increase. Their only goal is to profit from your lack of knowledge. That is why I decided to learn how to trade on the stock market myself.

I spent a great deal of time gathering information and reading dozens of books, opinion articles and investment newsletters. At the end of the day, I designed my own strategy by answering a few basic questions:

  1. What kind of trader am I, in terms of how frequently I trade – buy and hold, or perhaps a weekly or monthly trader, or maybe a “day trader”?
  2. What is the best way for me to choose stocks? What factors help me to make the best price-change predictions? What are the reasons that go along with adding successful stocks to my watchlist?
  3. When should I open and close my positions? How much risk can I accept on each trade? What is my profit goal?
  4. How can I improve my performance and avoid losses? How can I analyze my effectiveness?

Today my strategy allows me to make a reasonable profit while spending 20-30 minutes a day trading. I sleep well by using stop-loss orders that protect my investments.

I was looking for a comprehensive and convenient mobile tool to help me improve my trading results. When I found nothing that met my expectations, I decided to design and develop one of my own – Bullboard. It had to be convenient and powerful. It had to be easy to use. It had to really help investors research and analyze stocks. Most importantly, it had to address my four questions, by being suitable for all types and frequencies of investing, helping to identify successful stocks, assisting with timing and risk tolerance and providing a way to assess your performance in the stock market.

I cover all the development and maintenance expenses of Bullboard with my trading profits, thus I can make Bullboard basic services FREE of charge. I also know how annoying in-app ads can be, so I excluded this option from the very beginning. My team and I just look forward to helping everybody improve their trading skills and performance, so please – don’t hesitate to ask me anything or just send me your feedback.


With best wishes,
Mike Raitsyn

Trader, investor, VC and founder of BullBoard